We are proud to work with craftspeople and artisans who are experts in their field. By taking time and the utmost care, they are able to provide our customers with unique designs of the highest quality, that are made to last while preserving traditional skills which might otherwise be lost.

What sets Brora cashmere apart is the workmanship that goes into each piece, much of which is done by hand. Made at one of the oldest mills in Scotland, the skills involved in working with cashmere have been passed down through generations of families. Only the finest and longest fibres are used in Brora cashmere to ensure the end result is of exceptional quality.


Each season, Brora brings you a selection of prints taken from the vast archives of Liberty of London, re-coloured to sit perfectly alongside our seasonal knitwear offering. Printed onto the finest fabrics, the result is a range of flattering shapes and styles for all ages. With a heritage dating back to 1875, Liberty certainly knows a thing or two about creating stunning prints and we are proud to have worked closely with them for decades.

All of our Liberty jersey styles, along with our Liberty print knickers, are made right here in the UK by skilled seamstresses like Myra, Kim and Jackie who all have over 30 years of experience in the industry.


Linen is one of the world’s oldest and strongest textiles as well as being a sustainable fashion choice. It relies only on rainwater to grow and produces just ¼ of the carbon of other crops.

All of Brora’s linen designs are created in Europe, with just a short distance to travel before they reach our customers. Each of the linen weaves we produce are unique to us, often being designed in-house and using several shades to create modern and innovative textures.As a natural, zero waste product, every part of the linen crop is used. While the fibres of the flax plant are used in clothing, anything leftover is used for food, homewares and even the interior of tennis racket handles.



For many years, much of our cotton clothing has been made in Northern Portugal, where local artisans use their skills to create jersey tops, babygrows, men's shirts, and more. Their abilities are second to none, and Brora's Design team make regular visits to meet with them, building outstanding relationships and gaining further insight into our supply chain.

Having close and long-term relationships with all of our suppliers means we are able to make limited runs of each design, reducing waste and adapting to customer demand as necessary.

We are proud to work with suppliers who take their time, providing our customers with distinctive designs that are not only of the finest quality but also made to last.


At Brora, we work with tweed due to its unrivalled quality, selecting suppliers who are specialists in their field and have generations of experience. This means we're able to bring you new and exciting, heritage-inspired designs each season, to perfectly complement our knitwear collection.


Brora’s clothing collection is made using authentic methods with a strong emphasis on the quality of workmanship. To make each piece extra special, intricate detailing such as embroidery and beading is carefully added by talented artisans, often hand sewing bead by bead to create unique designs that are ultra sophisticated.
Our design team make annual visits to the small factory, owned by a man named Vibhu who we have been working with for many years. During their trip, they are able to see these incredible skills first-hand and discuss new ideas for upcoming seasons.


For us, the ‘British Tailoring’ label means all garments in question are 100% British-made. From our pattern cutters to our woven tweeds and wool, to the East London tailors, all British tailored pieces are exactly that, meaning you can buy Brora safe in the knowledge that you are supporting local artisans.


When our customers starting to ask for knitwear other than Scottish cashmere, we started sourcing other best in class yarns and manufacturers. Our cotton & merino knitwear is made from the finest gauge possible and this is an artisan speciality of the Far East. Our supplier in China has many accreditations to their name, including the BSCL (Business Social Compliance Initiative). Their innovation, combined with the use of the highest quality yarns, which are sourced from around the world, is second to none. Our partner works with other premium fashion labels, and we feel that the quality offered is superior and unparalleled to anything we've found elsewhere.